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Internet Telephony Service Providers

DIDWorld provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers (sometimes referred to as virtual numbers) and associated services to their customers on a world-wide basis.

Any of our virtual numbers can be forwarded to any of these Internet Telephony Service Providers.

ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) is a provider of VOIP Telephone service. ITSPs are also known as VoIP Providers.

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a home phone service over your internet connection. VoIP gives an ability to transmit more than one telephone call over a single broadband connection. It is location independent service, because only a sufficiently fast and stable Internet connection is needed to get a connection from anywhere to a VoIP provider. Also it can be a benefit for reducing communication and infrastructure costs.

Call forwarding prices:

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Order now virtual number and set call forwarding to any of the following ITSP providers:

Top 15 providers

Hungarofon JustVoip Camundanet
CallCentric Voipstunt Voipraider
Terrasip Voipcheap WorldCallBe
Voipdiscount Nonoh Poivy
VoipBuster Pbxes SipnetRU

All ITSP providers

12Voip Interphone Smartvoip
1voc Intervoipcom SmsDiscount
7seasconnect Invox Smslisto
Acecommunications IPFone Sonetel
Actionvoip ipontehablar Svanto
AdeptoTelecom Ippi SwissIPcom
Ajtel Net Ipshka SwissTelecom-Voip
Altecom IPSofactum SYNETY
Anveo Iptel Tele24
Bestvoipreselling Iptelefoniavoip Teleweb MyVoIP
BlasterphoneNet IsraelNumber Telopar
Bluesip italk Terrasip
BramaTelecom Joiphone The Webiz
Budgetsip Jumblo Tiolive
BugetPhone JustVoip Tpad
CallCentric Keep in Touch Truphone
Callexchange Kontactplus Tseyva
Callforeign Lamtel TuMundoVoIP Communications
CallnFax Levoip u011
Callserve Lowratevoip UVoipIt
Callwithus Mangotele Virtual_Call
Camundanet Masquevoz Vitelity
CHEAPCALLING LDS MaTelSo GmbH Voicetrading
Cleartonevoip MEB Talk 2 voip ms
comtube MiceRow VOIP Much
deltathree Mobeecalls VoipBlast
DialNow MonitorVoIP VoipBON
DialUnion Nettalkvoice VoipBuster
Digavoip NewSystems VoipBusterPro
Draytelorg Nonoh VoipBusterUnited
DreamTel Norango Voipbuy
Dualtalkcom Onevisionpbx Voipcheap
EasyVoip Orbtalk Voipdiscount
Ekiga OTelecom Voipfonecouk
enPulso PanTerra Voipgain
Evcmobi Pathephone voipGATE
Everex Pbxes Voipian
Fonangle PhoneGnome Voipilla
Fonet Plustel VoIPITS
FonoSip Poivy Voipjumper
FonoSip Free Account PowerVoip Voipmar
Freecall Premiertelecom Voipna
FreelyCall Pymes VOIPPRO
Future Nine Qiiq Voipraider
Getjive Rebvoice Voipstunt
Gradwell Ringbery VoipTalk
Gratissip RitaCall VoipWise
Grupo CITEC Rynga Voztele
Gulfsip Siamconnect VozToVoice
Hablaporinternet Sip2Sip Webcalldirect
Heathtechnologies Sipkom WorldCallBe
Hi Ring Someone SIPMarket Wstelco
Hungarofon SipnetRU XeloQ
Ibinetwork Informatica Sipsorcery Zadarma
Iconsa SipTraffic Zuzutel
INNOTEL SJB Communications
Internetcalls Slohovoip

DIDWorld offers an extensive selection of international DID numbers. In addition, we are constantly expanding our services so as to increase the number of regions supported, as well as to increase our coverage in each region.

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